Nachrichten über Prifora – Innovu bv, in Amstelveen, The Netherlands, introduces: Prifora – Your Private Community.

Nachrichten über Prifora

P R E S S   R E L E A S E

Amstelveen, 21 March 2023,

Innovu bv, in Amstelveen, The Netherlands, introduces: Prifora – Your Private Community.

Prifora focuses on digitally organizing and activating a private network for the elderly in particular. With its own OS on a Home Station and with mobile Apps, a safe digital environment is created. Prifora provides, among other things, video, audio and chat communication, sending and presentation of photos and videos, managing contacts and scheduling appointments. All this in the private environment of the elderly, informal carers and caregivers.

What is Prifora?

Prifora is a safe and easy-to-use application on the Prifora Home Station with its own OS and on the mobile Apps (iOS and Android). The focus is simplicity. For daily use of the most important functions, this means large buttons and easy steps in the menus. It is almost impossible to get lost or stuck in a menu: the ‘Back’ button always returns you to the Start Menu page.

Who is Prifora for?

As a senior you want to continue to enjoy life in your own familiar environment. Prifora helps by organizing and activating everyone’s network of private contacts. Sharing fun and special moments with each other and making contact easily ensure that the elderly are motivated to remain socially active. If visits are not always easy to organize, the network feels familiar and close by.

Safe and private, why?

As a guideline in the development of the application, absolute and guaranteed privacy of data has been chosen. More and more people are becoming aware that their private data is used commercially and sometimes misused by websites they visit or by social media they use.

That is why Prifora was developed. Absolute privacy must be guaranteed, particularly when personal data is exchanged between healthcare provider, doctor and client. A secure digital environment makes Prifora future-proof. Private remains private, and therefore free from commerce by third parties. No one has access to the data of Prifora users. The Prifora application uses Cloud servers under its own management.

How does Prifora work?

With the Home Station, users can easily invite family and friends to become “guests”. Guests of the Home Station can use the mobile Prifora App. Photos and videos sent with this will automatically be added to each guest’s own playlist and can then be displayed in a slideshow on the Home Station’s screen!

The user of the Home Station can now also easily make direct contact with one or more guests at the same time via video calling, telephone conversation or chat. Conversely, a guest can quickly contact the Home Station via the mobile App. With the ‘Call Now’ or ‘Emergency Number’ function in the Start Menu of the Home Station, a video call can be started immediately with a selected contact, for example a close relative, an informal caregiver or caregiver.

The use of the mobile App is free. The Home Station can be used with or without a subscription. There is a choice of 3 different subscriptions, with different capacities for storage and communication. The Silver subscription is free for the first 3 months.

Where and when is Prifora available?

Prifora will be introduced this month and is now available on the and websites

Prifora price information

Prifora Home Station € 249,-
Subscriptions (per month)
Bronze € 5,95
Silver € 8,95
Gold € 14,95
All prices include VAT.

Information for press and media:

Images for printing or digital use are available immediately, as well as any other relevant information.

You can already download this yourself via this link Prifora–Press, which you will also find in the footer of our website, but we will also be happy to send you the information.

For a detailed description of all functions, see the Prifora Website: Prifora-Functions

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