Easy to use

The focus is simplicity. For daily use of the most important functions, this means large buttons and easy steps in the menus. It is almost impossible to get lost or stuck in a menu: a ‘Back’ button always returns you to the Start Menu page.

Secure and private

A secure digital environment makes Prifora future-proof. Private remains private, and therefore free from commerce by third parties. No one has access to users’ data. The Prifora application uses Cloud servers under our control.

The contacts of the Home Station use the mobile Prifora app as Guest.

They will automatically receive the invitation (by SMS) to become a Guest as soon as their details have been entered on the Home Station. The app is available in both the Apple Store and the Google Play Store. The Guest Activation Code, which is also received by SMS, is required to activate the app.

Each Guest gets their own playlist on the Home Station. Photos and videos sent, automatically appear in this playlist and can then be displayed in a slideshow on the Home Station.

It is now easy for the Home Station user to contact one or more Guests. There is the choice of a video or call conversation or starting a chat. Conversely, a Guest can quickly contact the Home Station via the mobile app.

The Home Station has an additional option with the ‘Call Now’ function. A video call is then immediately started from the Start Menu with a selected contact; useful if a close family member or carer is chosen for this.

The use of the mobile Prifora app is free. This way the threshold remains low to often have a contact moment and to share fun moments in life with each other!

The subscription

The choice to provide a secure digital environment with a guarantee of privacy entails costs that can only be borne by subscriptions.

A subscription is therefore necessary for comfortable use of the various Prifora functions on the Home Station. Depending on the need for storage capacity and data communication, there is a choice of 3 subscriptions: Gold, Silver or Bronze

A subscription is flexible: easy to convert if the need changes and can be canceled per month. Subscriptions are taken out in the Shop on the Home Station. With the additional advantage that the buyer does not have to be the user of the Home Station!

From the moment of registration of the account on the Home Station, the Silver subscription is active for a period of 3 months. After this, use without a subscription remains possible, but with limited storage capacity and only limited data communication.

A subscription is already available from €5.95 per month.

Prifora as a gift for a close senior!

Aging happens naturally offcourse. Only the way it is experienced, and what is involved, can differ. Being able to share life with family, friends and loved ones remains important to everyone and is therefore the starting point for the development of Prifora.

The Home Station, equipped with the exclusive Prifora application, gives the senior new impulses to stay active in his or her social network!

Home as a safe and comfortable place, with everyone always close by

As a senior you want to continue to enjoy life in your own familiar environment. Prifora helps by organizing and activating the network of private contacts.

Sharing fun and special moments with each other and making contact easily ensure that the elderly are motivated to remain socially active. The network feels familiar and close by, even if visits are not always easy to organize.

The Prifora Home Station, consisting of the screen in the Base Station, is located at the senior’s home. The screen works exclusively with the software of the Prifora application.

The Base Station is connected to a power outlet. Placing the screen on the holder charges it. A good WiFi connection is required to use the Home Station.

All functions of the Prifora application are accessible on the Home Station.

The Admin/Manager function becomes active as soon as a mobile phone is paired with the Home Station. This enables remote access to most Home Station functions via the Prifora mobile application!

It may be useful to assign this role to a family member or carer, depending on any care-needs the user of the Home Station may have. If there is no such need, the user of the Home Station becomes the Admin/Manager himself by connecting his or her mobile phone.

How nice and surprising can it be to give or receive Prifora as a gift from close family or friends and to create your own safe protected environment.


Below you will find a description of the functions that you can find on a Prifora Home Station. In addition, some of these functions can also be used on your smartphone in the Prifora mobile App, with which you can communicate with the Home Station.

Second Administrator


The Prifora Home Station can now also be managed remotely by a second administrator with the Prifora Mobile App, if the user of the Home Station so desires or needs.
If at any time the user of the Home Station needs help operating one or more functions, a second administrator can be appointed. In most cases, this will be a close family member who also acts as an informal caregiver.

The appointed 2nd administrator can then remotely adjust the operation of all functions of the Home Station for the user using the Prifora App on a smartphone.

In principle, any contact known in the Home Station can be designated as a 2nd administrator by the user.

The user can also cancel the 2nd administrator or designate another 2nd administrator.

A care provider could also be appointed as a second administrator, so that the care provider can better coordinate and implement the planning and control of the care to be provided.

Mobile network

Mobiel netwerk - Simkaart

The Home Station can now also connect to the internet via a SIM card from a mobile operator.

By adding a SIM card from a mobile operator, the Home Station can now also connect to the internet. This means that in addition to the already available WiFi connection, a connection to the internet is now possible even where there is no good WiFi connection.

This means that connection with family or loved ones can be guaranteed at any location and under all circumstances. This is particularly important in emergency situations where direct contact with informal caregivers, healthcare providers or professional medical services is required. See also the special function of the Emergency Button on the home page.

Bluetooth Connection

Bluetooth verbinding

With a Bluetooth connection now also available, the sound can be amplified via the speakers in the base station.

If the user of the Home Station would like to hear the sound of, for example, a video call or videos to be played better, this is now possible. The now available Bluetooth function allows the sound of the screen to be amplified by connecting to the speakers in the base station.

The sound can be made louder or softer using the sound button on the side of the screen. In principle, every Bluetooth speaker in the vicinity can be connected with this new Bluetooth function.


Slideshow playback keeps fun and memorable moments alive. Selecting and starting a slideshow is easy! To stop, touch the screen.

The attractiveness of a Slideshow depends on the availability of Playlists. The mobile app makes it easy for you and your contacts to send photos and videos to the Playlists.

The Slideshow functions offer the following possibilities:

• Automatic creation of individual playlists by name of your contacts

• Share playlists with contacts

• Manage playlist

• Create new playlist

• Delete playlist

• Playlist Menu

View photos and videos individually

Hide photos and videos

Delete photos and videos

Copy photos and videos

Bookmark photos and videos

• Start slide show

• Slideshow Settings

Slide switch effects

Slide image adjustments

Slide change times

Slide random order

Slide favorites

Toggle text lines on slide on/off

Set preferred slideshow timer

Slideshow start and end time (sleep mode)

Show Clock and Weather during slideshow

• Notification of newly received photos and videos

• View newly received photos and videos one by one

Video Audio Chat

Starting a conversation with a contact or a group is easy. A notification alerts you when you’ve missed incoming video or audio calls.

Starting a chat session with a Contact or a Group is easy. A notification notifies you when you have received new text messages.

The Video Audio Chat features provide the following capabilities:

• Video & Audio calling & Chat

• Arrange group calls

• Record conversations

• Overview of recent conversations

• Missed call notifications and

• Notification of new Chats

• Overview of planned calls

Call Now / Emergency Call

You can select a contact for a quick video call: just 1 press of the “Call Now” button on the home page will connect! Regular contact with e.g. your family member or carer becomes so easy.

The Call Now feature offers the following options:

• Direct call button for video call with selected Contact

• See subscription options for more available options

Contacts & Groups

All members of your private community are organized in Contacts.

You can also create groups with 1 or more contacts. When adding a new Contact, these details are required as a minimum: the mobile number, username, first and last name.

The Contacts and Groups functions offer the following options:

• Select Contact or Group

• Add New Contact

• Add New Group

• Profile

• To delete

• Planned activities

• History

• Notifications


In the Calendar you can set up and manage all your scheduled activities: with members of your private community, but also any other appointment or activity can be set up too!

The Calendar menu offers a number of functions, e.g. sending an invitation for a set activity, activate a reminder signal.

The Agenda & Calendar functions offer the following possibilities:

• Week & Month overview

• New activity

• Customize activity

• Day appointment

• Weekly appointment

• Month appointment

• Make an appointment with Contacts

• Schedule Activity

• Set Appointment Time

• Repeat Appointment

• Appointment Reminder

• Appointment Invitation

• Delete Appointment


On the Service page you will find practical user information and settings, an extensive manual per function, frequently asked questions (FAQ), information about your account and how to contact the customer service department. The shop function offers the possibility to buy a Home Station and a choice of 3 different subscriptions.
Op de service pagina vindt u de volgende mogelijkheden:

• My Account Info

• Preferences & Settings

• Support & Contact

• How to Use

• Take the Tour

• Message Center

• Shop

• Conditions & Privacy

• Change Phone No.

Clock and Weather

The current time of a location is displayed in Clock on the home page. The current location is set by default once a Wi-Fi connection is established. You can select a second location yourself.

The current weather of a location is displayed in Weather on the home page. The weather of the current location is displayed by default once a Wi-Fi connection is established.

The Clock & Weather functions offer the following options:

• Clock current location

• Clock 2nd location

• Set alarm

• Night mode

• Weather current location

• Weather 2nd location

• Current weather

• 5-day weather forecast


PRIFORA operates in a completely secure environment, without access from third parties. Prifora does not earn, like other internet companies and webshops, from the sale of your data.

Sent messages, photos and videos, etc. remain within the network and are only accessible to the user of the Home station and the guests connected via the mobile app. Personal and usage data will not be shared or sold.

A subscription is desirable for comfortable use of Prifora. Use without a subscription is possible, but limitations apply for storage and communication capacity and access to some functions.

You can choose from 3 subscriptions:




Free Silver subscription with purchase.

When purchasing a Home Station you will receive a free Silver subscription during the first 3 months after registration. You can then experience for yourself which subscription best suits your needs. At the end of this period, you can choose a subscription in the Shop on the Home Station.

Overview of the possibilities.

Subscription type:










Months of Free Use of Subscription at registration


Storage Capacity in GB*





Max Nr of Playlist Pictures Sent/ Received, per session





Max Nr of Playlist Videos Sent/Received, per session





Max duration of Playlist Videos Sent/Received, in seconds





Video Call Time per session, in minutes




Number of Video Call sessions per month




Nr of Video Call Participants (excl HS) per session




Recording Video Calls





Audio Call time per session





Nr of Audio Call Participants per session (next to HS)





Recording Audio Calls





Quick/Urgent Call















Agenda / Calender





Clock + Locations





Weather + Locations





Admin User





2nd Administrator user (for caregiver/care provider)





Web App










Abonnementsprijs per maand

€ 5,95

€ 8,95

€ 14,95

*) vermelde capaciteit is minimaal het dubbele van nominale capaciteit, door 50% compressie van alle opgeslagen bestanden.

Good to know.

Flexible design.

The subscriptions are flexible. You can cancel per month, or decide to take out a cheaper or more expensive subscription, depending on your needs in daily use.

You can easily arrange the purchases of your subscription in the Shop on your Home Station. This can be found under Service in the Start menu.

Who arranges the subscription?

The user of the Home Station does not have to purchase a subscription himself. That can be someone else, who will then also take care of the monthly payment of the chosen subscription. The subscription is taken out in the Shop on the Home Station, which can be found under Service in the Start menu.

Expand your capacity

If you need more capacity during the first 3 months, for example to be able to make video calls more often, you can decide to purchase a Gold subscription in the Shop.

Mobile App

By creating a new contact on the Home Station, these contacts will automatically receive an invitation via SMS to become a Guest of the Home Station. The SMS contains a link to download the mobile App and an activation code. This App can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Playstore.

Once guests have downloaded the mobile App and entered the activation code, they will automatically be connected to the Home Station as guests.

The mobile App provides a number of functions to maintain contact with the Home Station, such as video, audio and chat communication, sending and presentation of photos and videos, managing contacts and scheduling appointments.

The user of the Home Station can also download the mobile App and become not only a guest but also an administrator or admin of the Home Station.

The administrator/admin can set up and control the functions of the Home Station from the Mobile App.

Web App

With the Web App – a link to an internet page – you can also access the Prifora application on your own Home Station on a desktop, laptop computer or tablet as an administrator/admin.

The administrator/admin of the Home Station can then operate the functions on the Home Station from the computer and adjust the slideshow and playlists, agenda & calendar, contacts and service.