About Prifora

About Prifora

Prifora – Your Private Community.

Prifora focuses on organizing and activating the network of every individual, in particular the elderly and care clients. To make this possible, functions are provided for video, audio and chat communication, contact management, scheduling appointments and the presentation of photos and videos from the personal environment, but also from the healthcare professionals. As a guideline in the development of the application, an absolute and guaranteed privacy of data has been chosen.

Prifora was created because more and more people are becoming aware that their private data is used commercially and sometimes misused by websites they visit. Companies such as Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Google, Apple, Microsoft. Bol, and many others where products are purchased online, make huge profits by using private data from website visitors for advertisements or selling it to third parties.

Not only are people getting fed up with the deluge of unwanted ads, but the use of personal information, including close family and children, is becoming an increasing concern. Not to mention the influence or deliberate manipulation that these companies exert on individuals, the consequences of which can be harmful to individuals or even dangerous to society.

Prifora was therefore developed to give users control over their personal information and data so that they can create their own safe and private community. Users of Prifora can manage their own information and data and decide for themselves with whom they share it.

The product is a combination of hardware and software. Actually, the software is the biggest and most important part. The hardware will be adapted or expanded in the future when necessary for the development of new services. The software is implemented on a monitor-like product that sits on a Base Station. We call the combination of Screen and Base Station, a Home Station. It is a closed system, which has its own operating system. We have further developed a mobile app for iOS and Android mobile phones, which can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store to communicate with the Home Station.

With this product, a private social community can be created by inviting family and friends to join by downloading the app on their mobile phone. No data is sold or provided to third parties. You are in control yourself. Not just of the data, but who they will allow into their community. Data is stored on our own secure Cloud Server.

With the Home Station and Apps on mobile phones, users can make video calls, calls and chat with members in their private community. In addition, people can send each other photos and videos that will automatically play in playlists on the Home Station and mobile phones. They can also share playlists with others, create new ones, and add comments via Chat. A contact list and address book are automatically generated when they invite people to join their community. We also have a calendar and calendar feature so people can arrange meetings, organize their schedules and appointments, and share other information. With the clock and weather function, they can set alarms and reminders and view a weather forecast. We have also built in a shopping feature so that we can also offer our customers special services and discounts on other products they are interested in and have confirmed they want to receive.

After a free Silver subscription of 3 months during the start-up period, you can opt for a monthly subscription, from € 5.95 per month, with which a certain amount of storage and communication capacity becomes available. Or one can choose to continue without a subscription. The subscription fee has an upgrade system that allows people to buy more storage and communication capacity when needed.

Prifora is not only for individual end users, the elderly or their informal caregivers, but also for professional care organisations. We have spoken with many care organizations during development and many are very interested as they can better manage the care of the elderly at home or in their care homes and give their customers a tool to still be with their family and friends, in a protected digital environment., stay in touch and communicate.

The Care Organizations can therefore communicate with their customers in need of care and plan the work of their employees more efficiently. Healthcare organization employees can communicate more personally and directly with their assigned clients in need of care and better plan their daily work. With an increasing number of elderly people in need of care and not enough support staff available to care for them, there is a great need for safe digital and efficient communication, which can also be easily operated by the person in need of care.

Prifora is available in 4 languages: Dutch, English, German and French.

Would you like to know more about the application and the possibilities? Please contact us by using the form on the contact page.