Family & friends

With Prifora you can easily stay in touch with your private network!

Family, friends and acquaintances are linked to the Prifora Home Station. Sharing special moments with each other with photos and videos is then very easy, just like mutual contact via video and audio calls or chatting. The application works in a secure digital environment and guarantees the privacy of the users.

Overview of Functions


Slideshow playback keeps fun and memorable moments alive. Selecting and starting a slideshow is easy! To stop, touch the screen.

The attractiveness of a Slideshow depends on the availability of Playlists. The mobile app makes it easy for you and your contacts to send photos and videos to the Playlists.

Video Audio Chat

Starting a conversation with a contact or a group is easy. A notification alerts you when you’ve missed incoming video or audio calls.

Starting a chat session with a Contact or a Group is easy. A notification notifies you when you have received new text messages.


All members of your private community are organized in Contacts.

You can also create groups with 1 or more contacts. When adding a new Contact, these details are required as a minimum: the mobile number, username, first and last name.

Agenda & Calender

In the Calendar you can set up and manage all your scheduled activities: with members of your private community, but also any other appointment or activity can be set up too!

The Calendar menu offers a number of functions, e.g. sending an invitation for a set activity, activate a reminder signal.


Under service you will find practical usage information and settings, an extensive manual per function, frequently asked questions (FAQ), information about your account and how to contact the customer service department. The shop function offers the possibility to buy a Home Station and a choice of 3 different subscriptions.

Call Now / Emergency Call

You can select a contact for a quick video call: just 1 press of the Call Now button on the home page will get you connected! Regular contact with e.g. your caretaker becomes so easy.


The current time of a location is displayed in Clock on the home page. The current location is set by default once a Wi-Fi connection is established. You can select a second location yourself.


The current weather of a location is displayed in Weather on the home page. The weather of the current location is displayed by default once a Wi-Fi connection is established.

Functions specifications

You will find a further specification of all functions and possibilities on this page .

Caregiver (private)

The Prifora application offers you as an informal caregiver the benefits of an active private network!

If the user of the Home Station needs guidance or support in the form of informal care, this can easily be organized within the application! The caregiver is then added to the private network. The application works in a safe digital environment and guarantees the privacy of users, including you as a caregiver.

Easy direct contact

If you are an important point of contact for the user of the Home Station, it is possible for the user to directly start a video call with the Informal Carer from the Start menu on the Home Station using the Call Now function. You can easily schedule other contact moments with the activation of a reminder function, just like other important appointments or activities. This way you keep an overview and you can provide the care that is needed, where possible remotely.

Handy extra function: Agenda & Calendar

The role of the informal caregiver can differ, depending on the care needs and the possibilities of other participants to make an active contribution. After inventory, appointments can be made. The application offers a function on the Home Station to schedule it.

You can become an administrator of the Home Station

If you, as a caregiver , have an important role in the coordination, you can become an Admin/Manager of the Home Station and also take over the organization of the Home Station remotely – from your mobile phone or computer. You will then have access to all functions of Home Station in this role. This also allows you to adjust the settings and operation of the Home Station if this is no longer easy for the older user to perform.

Functions specifications

You will find a further specification of all functions and possibilities on this page .

Care provider (professional)

The Prifora application offers a solution for both the client and the healthcare professional!

During the development, we followed the advice of the RVS (Council for Public Health and Society): organize and activate the private network of the healthcare client. To then link the healthcare professional(s) to the network. The application works in a secure digital environment and guarantees the privacy of the users.

Healthcare provider in the private network

An informal carer will often already be part of the network. He or she is then the point of contact for family, friends and acquaintances. Depending on the care needs of the client, care professionals can be added to the network.

Access to the functionalities

As a Guest of the care client’s Home Station, professionals can then use functions such as video and audio calling, chatting, scheduling appointments, and sending photos and videos. It can also be useful for mutual coordination to place professionals in a group. The administrator of the Home Station, usually the caregiver, can easily arrange this in a few steps.

The well-being of the healthcare client is central

In the chosen design of the Prifora application, an active network will make an important contribution to the well-being of the healthcare client. We would therefore like to see professional healthcare providers participate in the private network!

At the same time – and the RV also points this out in its advice – it will require a care organization to develop a vision on how to organize (home) care, in which the approach based on the (home) situation and the care needs of the client will be central.

Options for integration

The Prifora application anticipates current developments, such as screen care and digital consultations. Integration of telemonitoring is also possible.

The creation of an active private network of the healthcare client in a secure digital environment remains the starting point for further development. This need not be an obstacle when integrating the role of healthcare providers into the daily use of Prifora. As long as the benefits for both the client and the healthcare professional are clear!

Low threshold to start

The placement of the Home Station at the care client and the daily use of the Prifora application can be done at relatively low costs. The use of the Home Station by Guests is free of charge.

Set up of a pilot project

The use of the Prifora application by a healthcare organization will have an internal impact on work agreements, processes, reports, etc. A pilot project can be set up in close collaboration, with the possibility of making any desirable adjustments to the application and then tested in practice.


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