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PRIFORA Privacy Policy

Your data are safe at PRIFORA

PRIFORA guarantees complete privacy for the user: third parties have no access to profile or usage data, and this data will not be provided by us to third parties for commercial purposes.

With PRIFORA we offer a secure and private communication platform for relationship networks in the private environment, with a focus on accessibility via digital applications and simplicity in use.

Why a Privacy Policy

We want to provide good and clear information about how we handle your data.

The EU valid GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) regulates the safe and transparent use of personal data aimed at protecting the privacy of consumers in the relationship and communication with companies and organizations.

With our Privacy Statement we meet our legal obligation under the GDPR, applicable since 25 May 2018.

Why is data storage and processing necessary.

All activities required for the operation of the PRIFORA communication platform are included in the Services. To make this accessible to users, the provision, storage and processing of data is conditional.

For optimal functioning of the PRIFORA communication platform, it is necessary to digitally store personal data and usage data – both from the Home station and from the mobile and web applications – and to continuously update them based on the use of the various applications. This makes the following facilities available, among others:

  • Communication with and the interaction between the user of the Home station and the Contacts linked to it; via video and audio conversations and chats
  • Tools that make it possible, among other things, to share moments and experiences through photos and videos, to manage and expand the private relationship network, to record and follow up invitations for appointments

For the registration, administration and settlement of financial transactions arising from, among other things, the purchase of hardware and subscriptions (for the use of the applications), it is necessary to store personal data digitally (and, if applicable, to update them continuously on based on the use of the applications).

For communication between (employees of) the communication platform PRIFORA and (potential ) users of the Home station, mobile or web applications, it may be necessary to digitally store or update personal data on the basis of the contact moments that have taken place.

For communication from the platform PRIFORA addressed to (potential ) users of the Home station, mobile or web applications regarding, among other things, the use of the application(s), software updates, technical maintenance, offers and promotions, adjustment of the conditions or the privacy policy, cooperation with third parties or partners, transfer of data to third parties, reporting to media or organizations.

What data does it concern

Given the purpose of the PRIFORA communication platform and your decision to use the Services offered by the platform (whether or not as a purchaser of a subscription), this concerns the following data: personal data and usage data.

  • Personal data

Personal data (also referred to as personal or personal data) is provided by you as a user. Personal data is identifiable, which means it can be traced back to you as an individual user of the Services.

With regard to personal data, you can choose to provide only the minimum data required to create a user profile. However, for optimal use, we recommend that you complete your profile and provide additional information for this purpose. This concerns the following data:

As a user (and administrator) of the Home station:

  • Mobile number *)
  • Profile picture
  • User name *)
  • First name *)
  • Last name *)
  • E-mail *)
  • Date of birth
  • Another date
  • home address
  • Notes

As the Home station user’s Contact:

  • Mobile number *)
  • Profile picture
  • User name *)
  • First name *)
  • Last name *)
  • E-mail

*) this information is mandatory

As a customer of the webshop (customer of hardware and other products, customer of a subscription):

  • Name
  • Company name (option)
  • Address
  • Postal Code
  • Residence
  • Country
  • E-mail
  • Mobile number
  • Different delivery address
  • Payment details
    • Name
    • Bank account or credit card

As a Contact with Customer Support (and System Admin):

  • E-mail
  • Mobile number
  • Name

  • Usage data

In addition to personal data, the communication platform functions on the basis of so-called usage data; these are obtained fully automatically from the PRIFORA applications and in principle cannot be traced back to the individual user of the Services.

By using the Services, you accept the collection of this data and at the same time you give explicit permission to use it for the proper functioning of the (sub)applications. This concerns the following data:

  • Mac Address (Home station)
  • Network (Home station)
  • Image transmission and storage (photos and videos)
  • Manage Playlists and Slideshows
  • Video and audio calls
  • Video and audio call recording
  • Chats
  • Contacts and Groups Management
  • Managing the Calendar
  • Clock management
  • Management of My Account
  • Settings and preferences
  • Contact with Customer Support (and System Admin )
  • Ordering in the Shop (hardware, other products and subscriptions)

What is this data used for

The personal data you provide, as well as the data collected automatically during the use of the PRIFORA applications, should primarily ensure optimal use of the Services, resp. contribute to a positive user experience.

More specifically, stored and processed data will be used by us to perform the following tasks and activities in the best possible way:


For the financial settlement of orders placed in the Shop and the continuous subscriptions selected by users of the Home station. In order to ensure that payments are made with care, personal data will be shared with financial parties.

Processing orders

For the logistical processing of orders placed in the Shop (for hardware and other products). In order to ensure that shipment and delivery take place with care, personal data will be shared with logistics parties.

Marketing and promotion

For an efficient and targeted implementation of our marketing and promotional activities, including sending email (newsletters) to registered users. For this purpose, personal data and user profiles will be used. In some cases, we can engage one (or more) third parties for advice, guidance and/or implementation.

By registering as a user of the PRIFORA applications, permission is granted for the use of personal data for the described purpose. You can withdraw this permission by sending a message (with the request) to Customer Support.

Analyzes and research

To obtain a good insight into the use of the PRIFORA applications and to inventory user experiences, resp. needs to improve and/or expand the Services. Stored data will be used for the performance of analyzes and research. In some cases, we can engage one (or more) third parties for advice, guidance and/or implementation.

Monitoring performance

To this end, authorized employees of our IT suppliers continuously monitor the (technical) performance of the PRIFORA applications. Consulting personal or usage data may be necessary to properly perform this task.

Customer Support

For the careful follow-up of contacts between our Customer Support department and users of the PRIFORA applications. This concerns both users of the Home station and the Contacts associated with a Home station (also referred to as Guests). Depending on the nature and scope of the contact between the employee of the Customer Support department and the user, it may be necessary to consult, resp. to process and/or (temporarily) store.

System Admin

For efficient and user-oriented system management. The System Admin has access to some of the stored data, including personal data of users of the PRIFORA applications. In appropriate cases, data may be shared with the Customer Support department to support the contacts with users.

Provision of information to third parties

To follow up on requests made to provide information and/or share stored data of users of the PRIFORA applications with third parties.

The user, or an authorized person or body on behalf of the user, may have made a request to this effect. If a request for this is made by a competent authority, for example in the context of an investigation into possible misuse of the PRIFORA applications, we will be obliged to share the requested data. In all cases where information will be provided to third parties, we will inform the user about this from Customer Support.

How long do we keep your data

The storage of your data does not take place longer than necessary, in principle no longer than the time of termination, resp. termination by deleting your account.

Legal obligations may require that certain personal data (for example in the context of payments made) be kept longer.

Ensuring secure processing and storage of your data

For the storage of your personal data and the processing of usage data, we work together with third parties on the basis of a processing agreement.

Parties with whom we have entered into a processing agreement are established within Europe and are therefore subject to the applicable European laws and regulations, including the GDPR. Within these organizations, only authorized persons have access to the data stored for the benefit of the PRIFORA applications.

The storage of data is provided by the ICT companies contracted to us by means of advanced in-the-cloud applications and/or servers that are secured in accordance with the applicable standards and guidelines. Within the PRIFORA applications, text messages and images (including photos and videos) are sent encrypted.

Suppliers may monitor and analyze usage and stored data solely for the purpose of improving the performance of PRIFORA applications. User profiles to be created in this context are quantitative in nature without any reference to personal data that can be traced back to individual users.

Your rights with regard to the storage of personal data

The privacy legislation gives you a number of rights. With regard to your personal data, you have in any case:

  • Right of access

You can request us to inspect the personal data you have provided and stored by us (or by a third party on our behalf).

  • Right to correction

You can request us to correct data in case of storage of incorrect personal data. In some cases, including the situation that you have opened a personal account via the Home station or a mobile application, you can also arrange for changes to your personal data yourself.

  • Right to erasure

You can request that we delete your stored personal data. In practice, this will mean that you will only be able to make limited or no longer use of the Services.

  • Right to restriction

In certain situations you can request us not to use your data temporarily. Your data may be incorrect or (temporarily) no longer necessary, the processing may be unlawful, or you have lodged an objection.

  • Right to object

You can request that we no longer use your personal data if we have a legitimate interest in the processing, such as in the use of direct marketing. In concrete terms, your objection then results in the withdrawal of your consent to make you personal offers, for example if we inform you by email about current promotions.

  • Right to transfer

You can request that we receive your personal data and then transfer it to another organisation, or request that we transfer your data directly to a third party. The transfer only concerns digitally stored data.

Complaints and liability

If you have a complaint about the use of your personal data, please contact us. We will then try to find a solution together. If we cannot resolve it together, you can report a privacy complaint to the Data Protection Authority. You can also choose to go to court.

The use of the Services is in all cases under your sole responsibility. Sending, receiving, sharing or storing image material (such as photos, videos, texts and images) are also included in this. There is no exception to this if a Contact from your private network of contacts acts as administrator (also referred to as the Admin).

In the event of possible misuse or suspicion of unauthorized use of the Services may we be obliged to cooperate with an investigation at the request of an authorized (government ) organization; respectively by providing information about the use, or by providing us with processed and/or stored data. We will notify you as a user of the Services of receipt of such request via email.

By using the Services, you accept the total disclaimer of any liability that you or any third party, whether or not on your behalf, may claim against us.

Cookies and Tracking

When it comes to web applications within the PRIFORA platform, the user’s browser will collect so-called cookies. This concerns the Web app, the website and the Shop. You can choose the settings of the browser yourself, for example by choosing only the most necessary tracking aimed at the technically proper functioning of the application.

For security reasons (in particular to verify your identity as a user), and for the proper functioning of (sub)applications (such as time and weather), the data is collected from, among other things, the IP address of the Home station, resp. your location.

The personal and usage data of users of the PRIFORA applications will under no circumstances be used by us to enable third parties, in whatever capacity, to undertake commercial activities with.


In the event that changes occur in our privacy regulations, whether or not as a result of changed laws or regulations, we will inform you as a user about this by email or a message in the Message Center of the PRIFORA applications.

Contact information Prifora

If you have any questions regarding this Privacy Policy you can contact us via email:

On our website you can find more info about the PRIFORA services

PRIFORA is an activity of Innovu BV, established in Amstelveen, the Netherlands and registered under number 33303441 at the Chamber of Commerce in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

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